The Office of the Dean of Students strongly encourages individuals to make an appointment by calling 719-255-3091, emailing, or contacting a specific staff member using our staff contact information.


Single Stop

About Single Stop

Single Stop connects students to local community and governmental resources (e.g. SNAP and Medicaid) that can assist in meeting their basic needs. Single Stop uses a free online screening tool that can estimate what supplemental resources students may be eligible for within minutes. The Basic Needs Coordinator can then provide support for students when accessing and navigating these resources, such as application assistance and need identification. If you have any questions or need help getting started, please contact us.

Completing the Screener

  1. Take the Screener

    Take 15-20 minutes to complete the screener. Coming Fall 2023!

  2. Review Services

    Review the list of services you are eligible for.

  3. Review Community Resources

    Review all the community resources available in your area and reach out for one-on-one support if needed.

Visit Single Stop
Visit Single Stop to browse resources and start your screener. You can also review available on and off campus resources on our Resources page.