The Office of the Dean of Students strongly encourages individuals to make an appointment by calling 719-255-3091, emailing, or contacting a specific staff member using our staff contact information.



About Basic Needs

Basic Needs can be defined as the essentials an individual needs to live a safe and healthy life. Basic Needs insecurity occurs when we don't have access to those essentials. When students aren't able to meet their basic needs, they aren't receiving equal access to a UCCS education. 

The purpose of UCCS Basic Needs Support is to foster community wellbeing and safety by supporting under-resourced students and providing resources referrals and education on basic needs security to the UCCS Community.

Our focus areas are housing, food, transportation, and healthcare. While these are our current focus areas, we understand that basic needs encompass so much more and can assist with other insecurities as well.

You can schedule a meeting for yourself with the Basic Needs Coordinator or make a referral for someone else. Please visit our Contact or Referrals page for more information.