The Office of the Dean of Students strongly encourages individuals to make an appointment by calling 719-255-3091, emailing, or contacting a specific staff member using our staff contact information.



Dean of Students Office


The Office of the Dean of Students maintains and administers the University Student Code of Conduct, serves as a student advocate, provides assistance to students in crisis, and supports students by directing services and programs that enhance students' education and provide life-enriching experiences.

Why would you contact the Dean of Students Office?

  • You are extremely ill and will be missing class for an extended period of time
  • You have questions about campus policies or procedures
  • You are concerned about the well-being of a student
  • You want to report a concerning incident
  • You don't know where to go and need guidance

We strive to provide a safe, respectful, and supportive campus community. We serve as a resource and advocate for students, and we can offer assistance when they do not know where to turn.

The Office of the Dean of Students has three primary functions: to administer the Student Code of Conduct, to support students in crisis through the CARE Team, and to promote student growth and development through educational and prevention programming.

About Our Mission

  1. Mission

    The Mission of The Office of the Dean of Students is to cultivate student success through student support and advocacy, educational opportunities, and the promotion of personal accountability and empowerment. The Office of the Dean of Students addresses issues of students’ safety and wellbeing, and we support all students in times of challenge and crisis.

  2. Values

    We are student-focused educators who value collaboration, inclusive-diversity, integrity, and wellbeing. When interacting with students, the Office of the Dean of Students will engage with respect, honesty, dignity, and fairness, and expects the same from students in all interactions.

  3. Motto

    Support. Educate. Empower.