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Care Team


Care Team

What is the CARE Team?

Purpose of the Team

The CARE (Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation) Team addresses concerns related to students’ safety and wellbeing, and we support students in times of challenge and crisis. The CARE Team assesses and responds to reported concerns or disruptions, we create access to resources for students to maintain their safety, health, and well-being, and we evaluate whether individuals pose a risk to themselves or others.   

UCCS cares about our students' holistic development and wellness. We believe that if a student is to be successful academically, support must also be given on an emotional, social, physical, and intellectual basis. If you believe a student may be struggling in any of these areas or may present a health or safety risk, please refer them to the CARE Team. 

Additional Services

Depending on the circumstances, the CARE Team may bring together additional resources (Residence Life and Housing, Office of Institutional Equity, Disability Services, Faculty, Student Employment, the Health Center, etc.) to fully address the issue. To ensure the quickest response, contact Public Safety Dispatch at 715-255-3111 to inform the CARE Team of a situation. They will then contact a member of the team. However, you may contact any member of the team.

The Core of the CARE Team is Comprised of:


Office of the Dean of Students

Alex Baker - CARE Team Director and Student Support Specialist


Amanda Allee, PhD - Dean of Students


Mental Health Services

Benek Altayli - Director of Mental Health


Mikaela Toni - Case Manager




UCCS Police Department

University Police 

To contact the UCCS Police, please call 719-255-3111.