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Complete Withdrawals

Due to extenuating circumstances, students sometimes need to leave the University. Our goal is to educate students on the withdrawal process and provide support so students can easily return when their circumstances allow.

Withdrawal Options

  • Complete Withdrawal: Dropping all active enrolled courses
  • Course Drop/Partial Withdrawal: Dropping one or more courses, and remaining enrolled in one or more active courses
  • Retroactive Withdrawal: Withdrawing from all classes for a specific term after the term end date
  • Retroactive Drop/Partial Withdrawal: Dropping one or more classes for a specific term after the term end date

General Withdrawal Information

For most classes during the Fall 2023 semester, the last day to withdraw (Census Date) is September 7, 2023. For short-term classes, please refer to the Office of the Registrar’s Withdrawal Policies and Procedures page for relevant dates.

After the last day to withdraw, course drops and complete withdrawals are usually only available in the case of extenuating circumstances.

The following are typically not acceptable stand-alone reasons for dropping or withdrawing after the last day to drop:

  • Poor performance in class
  • GPA protection
  • Failure to verify class schedule
  • Failure to monitor waitlist position
  • Change of major or program that results in a course no longer being a requirement
  • Failure to attend/participate in class on a regular basis
  • Failure to abide by withdrawal deadlines

Financial Considerations

When deciding whether a withdrawal would be in your best interest, please also consider the following financial implications:

  • Any withdraw after a course’s posted census date will generate a ‘W’ grade (not impacting GPA) and will not result in in an automatic refund.
  • Withdrawing can impact your financial aid eligibility; if you are receiving financial aid, please make sure to discuss this at your support meeting
  • In rare circumstances, tuition appeals may be available; this is separate process and may require different documentation. 


The Dean of Students Office is available to support students with extenuating circumstances through the CARE team. Regardless of when a student is withdrawing, they should contact the Dean of Students Office if they are withdrawing due to:

  • Personal or family emergency
  • Unforeseen medical emergency or condition
  • Behavioral or mental health impacting ability to be successful 
  • Other crises

Navigating the Withdrawal Process

Please select a withdrawal option below to learn more about next steps:

Withdrawal Before the Drop Deadline (Current Semester)
Complete Withdrawal Post-Drop Deadline (Current Semester)
Course Drop/Partial Withdrawal (Current Semester)
Retroactive Drop/Withdrawal (Current or Previous Semesters)