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After the Conduct Process

After the Conduct Process

Record Keeping

The Office of the Dean of Student maintains student conduct records in accordance with federal and state law and UCCS policies. Disciplinary records are retained for seven years after the date on the conduct decision letter, unless otherwise stated within the Student Code of Conduct. In cases that involve serious threats of violence or expulsion, records are kept indefinitely. For incidents involving sex misconduct, protected class discrimination or harassment, or related retaliation, records are retained by the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance. See for additional information.


If a student has been found to have violated the Code, the student may only appeal if the imposed sanctions include disciplinary probation, residence hall termination, suspension, or expulsion. The conduct officer’s decision on all other sanctions is final. If available, the appeal is the final step in the conduct process. An appeal does not provide a second hearing of the case. The review on appeal will be based on the existing record, or new information provided. The information provided to the Conduct Appeal Board (“CAB”) will include the student’s request and basis for appeal, and the conduct officer’s rationale for the decision.

A student may only appeal upon one or more of the following grounds:

  1. There was a deviation from the conduct procedures that clearly resulted in significant prejudice to the student.
  2. The severity of the sanction imposed was not appropriate based on the nature of the violation or the circumstances.
  3. There is new information that was not available at the hearing or administrative review and would have been material to the outcome had it been presented. The new information must be included with the student’s request for appeal. Also, the student must show that the new information could not have been presented at the hearing or administrative review.

More information on appeals can be found in section X. of the Student Code of Conduct