The Office of the Dean of Students strongly encourages individuals to make an appointment by calling 719-255-3091, emailing, or contacting a specific staff member using our staff contact information.


Withdrawal Tips and Tools


To move forward with your request, documentation of your situation is required. Each student’s situation is different but documentation typically can be:

  • Doctor’s note
  • Letter of support from a mental health provider 
  • Military orders
  • Eviction notices
  • Obituaries 

If you are unsure or unable to provide documentation, please explain why in your withdrawal form. During your meeting with the Office of the Dean of Students, you can discuss your lack of documentation or discuss alternative documentation options.


Tuition Appeal


In rare circumstances, tuition appeals may be available. This is a separate process that is approved through the Office of the Registrar. If you are interested in perusing a tuition appeal, please share this with Office of the Dean of Students during your meeting. The Office of the Dean of Students can provide you with more information and review your appeal before you submit it. The withdrawal must be approved and processed before you submit a tuition appeal.